Alliance Program

An Alliance With Growth

Welcome Dear friend,

We at CybersitesIndia are more than eager to form alliances and tie-ups with like minded people who have an ambition to grow and the will to make their ambitions possible by means of serious efforts. CybersitesIndia is a company having expertise in  

  • Domain Name Registration

  • Web Hosting in NT & Linux

  • Web Development

  • On-line Marketing

  • Consulting

CybersitesIndia is a company dedicated to providing quality solutions at very competitive rates. Do take a look around this web site and learn more about our activities. We have provided brief details about our alliance program below. Please go through the details and do get in touch for any further information or clarification that you may want. We look forward to having a truly strong and excellent relationship.

What is the alliance program?

This alliance program is a strategic tie-up between CybersitesIndia and its alliance partner in which the alliance partner would put efforts towards marketing the products and services provided by CybersitesIndia. CybersitesIndia on its part would provide all the technical information and customer support along with full priority support to its alliance partner. In this alliance the alliance partner benefits by getting full access to CybersitesIndia’s expertise and range of products & services and CybersitesIndia gets the benefits of the marketing efforts of its alliance partner.

What is the eligibility criterion for the alliance program?

The alliance partner needs:

  • An ambition to grow and the will to make it happen

  • A commitment to CybersitesIndia to provide full marketing support for its products

  • Completion of a simple registration process.

  • A web site.

What are the benefits of this program?

This program has been designed keeping in mind emerging industry requirements. With this program CybersitesIndia plans to achieve a tie-up with its alliance partner due to which both CybersitesIndia & its alliance partner benefit. The benefits for the alliance partner are

  • A ready line of quality products & services – minimal gestation period so you can be productive from day one.

  • Excellent Support - CybersitesIndia would provide its partner with full backup and priority support ensuring complete client satisfaction.

  • Heavy margins- The alliance partner can look forward to a lot of revenue as CSI passes on nearly all the savings, that it makes due to bulk sales to its alliance partner.

For more details get in touch now by either submitting this feedback form or sending us a mail at